Tuesday, April 13, 2021

GREEDY and PANICKER will lose money

In my mind these are the ways people treat stock markets.....

1. One who don't want to invest in stock markets.

2. One who buy at huge market  crashes.

3.One who sell at huge bull round.

4.  One who buy assuming the markets will further go up.

5.  One who sell assuming the markets will further crash.

Only last 2 guys who are GREEDY and PANICKER will lose money.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Understand the complete requirements first

A father (Mr. Father here after) asked his son (Mr. Son here after) to handover a bag full of fertilizer to his friend (Mr. Son here after). Mr. Father gave instructions to Mr. Son in order to identify Mr. Friend. Mr. Father wanted to test intelligence of Mr. Son so he gave instructions as below...

1. Mr. Friend is at workplace now which is 5km from our home
2. ‎The road to the destination has no turnings
3. ‎Mr. Friend works with tools like scissors, watering and trimming equipments
4. Mr. Friend is waiting for you at home as he need take this bag to his workplace today
5. ‎Mr. Friend makes our king's royal palace colourful
6. ‎Mr. Friend works until sun sets

Mr. Son did not read all the instructions but looking at the fertilizer bag he thought that Mr. Friend is a farmer. Mr. Father was expecting some questions from Mr. Son but the Mr. Son did not ask any. Mr. Son also thought to ask questions to his father later when necessary.

Actually there are 3 roads from source to destination in east, west and south directions. So Mr. Son first started towards west direction for 5km and reached a saloon. He then read first 3 instructions (only) matching but confused about what the barber will do with the fertilizer bag. He realized that he is at wrong place and came back home.

Then Mr. Son started towards south direction for 5km and reached a tailor shop who is busy sewing some cloths. He then read all instructions and found all instructions are not matching. He again had to come back home as the tailor is not the correct person he had to meet.

Finally Mr. Son started towards the the east direction for 5km and reached a gardner's home. He then read all the instructions and found to be matching. But the garden already left to his workplace after long waiting for the fertilizer bag. So Mr. Son had to return home leaving his task incomplete.

If Mr. Son would have asked questions to Mr. Father like which direction to go, name of Mr. Friend, etc then he would have been there at the destination on time and successfully completed his task as well.

Moral of the story : "Read complete requirements first and get clarification at the earliest in order to successfully complete your task on time"

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Don't often take credit

Credit is always costlier.  So don't take credit unless it is a must.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Accept your mistakes

Accept your mistakes atleast within you so that you won't repeat them again

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Feeling bad about your life?

Feeling bad about your life? Then think about some body whose life is even bad than you.  You will get immediate relief.


"Justify your self before imposing your rules on others"